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MBA Specialisation

Our strength, knowledge and expertise is our specialisation on MBA assignments. No matter what your institution is, we will be able to assist you. We understand the specific MBA requirements that you have to meet.

Exemplar Assignments & Dissertations

Our custom writing service is aimed at producing the work for you and when you are unable to do it yourself. The cost for this service is based on the coursework requirements, its length and includes:

–    Access to the relevant academic literature
–    Data Analysis (primary and secondary)
–    Writing up
–    Corrections once the assignment is submitted to you

You have access to the progressive development of your assignment in order to understand how it is written by the tutor.

You have access to the complete work well before the deadline and in order to get comments from your tutor. We are incorporating your university tutor’s comments and changes into the assignment.


 Exam Preparation

Our exam preparation service allows you to develop a clear strategy for tackling your exams. This service includes:

–    The development of a plan with specific milestones for your exam preparation
–    Development of model questions and answers
–    Constructive feedback for identifying your specific areas for improvement
–    Advice on exam preparation for fostering your concentration and stress management



Our presentation service allows you to identify your weakness and develop your presentation skills. This service includes:
–    Tutorial on constructing and editing Presentations using software like Power Point or Prezi
–    Progressive report which allows you to see the logic with which the presentation was constructed
–    Face to face or virtual communication for undertaking rehearsals
–    Constructive feedback for taping and overcoming weaknesses
–    Access to resources

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