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Real MBA Stories

In this new section of our website you will find a range of different stories from our students and the challenges they faced during their studies. By making these stories available to you our intention is in a practical way to show you (1) the challenges that people experienced and (2) how MBA Winner helped them to address them. There are many important learning lessons that can be learned for others. We want to reflect and make these lessons readily available to you and for furthering your own development. In order to protect the real identity of our students we have altered their real names.

Mark Thomson

Background Context Mark contacted MBA Winner just two days before having to submit an assignment. After reviewing the assignment we 

Nikola Turner

Background Context Nikola was looking for opportunities to further her studies by doing  a distance learning MBA. A distance learning 

Adrianna Watts

Background Context Adrianna contacted MBA Winner because she found increasingly difficult to concentrate in her lectures. In particular she found