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Our Clients

Our clients are MBA students who decide to pursue the MBA degree whilst or after working in industry for some years. The MBA has particular academic requirements that can be challenging.

The study of academic models and theories remains an important part for how MBA students are able to develop a strong argument in their coursework that will enable them to achieve the highest grade possible.

Upon returning to university MBA students often lose touch with how to write academic assignments and of what is expected from them. Understanding how to tackle the exam becomes frustrating because it has been considerable time since students engaged with academic assignments. A vivid example of a an academic challenge concerns the use of academic theories which remain integral to the MBA programme. However, MBA students who already work in the industry have little exposure and for using academic literature. It is not immediately required from them at work and it becomes difficult to understand how to use it.

The design and structure of an MBA curriculum and the coursework is concerned with your ability to justify the reasoning process in producing claims rather than identifying the practical business implications per se. This gap between ‘theory’ and ‘practice’ becomes a real challenge for MBA students who lost familiarity with writing academic assignments.

MBA students who come to us for advice need guidance and support. Their university tutors happen to be limited or/and restricted with providing comprehensive and personalised guidance.  However, the ongoing lack of access to personalised support can lead to a very frustrating impasse with having to meet expectations for which you are not fully confident.