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The following extract is taken from an essay produced on the topic of Strategy

The strength of BCE is its specialisation on organisational culture as neglected area of business activity. Despite the large number of management consulting firms there is only a handful that specialise on the design and delivery of specific consulting initiatives like culture. Moreover, the recent economic growth that was followed by outsourcing activities by a large number of corporations indicated how the dimension of culture has been neglected (Jaiswal, 2008; The Times of India, 2004). In this sense, banks and call centre providers realised the importance of culture only after they started outsourcing their operations (See The Guardian, 2007; Daily Mail, 2007). Banks realised how the English customers felt alienated by knowing that their call was answered by someone from India (Bhatnagar, 2007). The difference in the accent and the language difficulties that such communications produced added to the dissatisfaction of the English customers (The Guardian, 2007, Daily Mail, 2007). As a result a number of corporations needed to reduce their reliance on the Indian workforce or discontinue their operations there (Snow, 2005). However, and as Moon (et. al., 2004) argue the use of multimedia call centres will continue to remain a profitable industry in the future.

In additional to the above strength, BCE operates under a simple structure which is very linear, flexible and adept to change. The team-working spirit between the consultants, the chief executive and marketer follow a trajectory of business values but which are not interfering into the decision making processes. In this sense, decisions can be taken efficiently and collectively.