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The MBA Project

Manage your Project

See it from Start to Finish! Treat your MBA as a ‘project’ with its own requirements and deadlines. Any project has a ‘beginning’, ‘middle’ and an ‘end’. Putting things into perspective is crucial for setting the base for a successful project.

Your ability to manage any MBA coursework depends on your capacity and understanding of its requirements.

Your MBA programme has many different ‘windows’ with each οne representing a different academic discipline.
•    We will help you if you are struggling to get organized .
•    If you don’t know the questions you need to ask we will help you.
•    If you are feeling frustrated for how to meet your deadlines we will help you.

Manage your Tutor

The MBA course is all about meeting expectations. Unless you know the specific expectations you need to meet you will struggle to understand how to tackle your coursework.

It is important to have clear understanding about the requirements as these are communicated by your academic tutors. The interpretation of an essay topic can vary depending on the theories and literatures covered in the module.

Managing your tutor is not just about completing the assignments, exams or presentations per se. It is more about managing the tutor at a more interpersonal level. You have to appreciate your tutor’s way of thinking, particular requirements and personal preferences.

To manage your tutor is about understanding and managing your tutor’s expectations in terms of the development of the coursework, the use of theories, and the application of the module’s taught content.
Showing that you have met the expectations is particularly important for when the tutor comes to grade your work.

•    Our promise to you is to help you manage your interpersonal relationship with your tutors.
•    We will discuss your specific challenges and we will be the helping hand when things get tough.

Manage Yourself

To manage yourself is a tricky process because it concerns reflecting on dimensions that probably you have not really explored. To manage yourself is an ongoing process and becomes crucial for doing well in the MBA. The anticipation that the MBA degree will lead you to a ‘better job’ often disregards the hurdles that you are going to face. To manage yourself is a process in which you are committed towards managing your desires, limitations, time and expectations. Often, MBA students do not reflect on their own capabilities, skills and experience prior to enrolling onto the MBA programme. As a result, they are missing out the experience of learning and engagement.

Our aim is to help you manage yourself by helping you meet your coursework challenges. We want to create the space for you where the MBA is not just a title but an experience that you will find rewarding.

•    By working closely with you our aim is to help you build your confidence and understanding over what is required from you.
•    If you don’t know how to manage your studies we will give you guidelines and direction
•    If you are struggling to organize yourself we will coach you and help you address your strengths and weaknesses
•    Our promise to you is receive a service that will truly make a positive impact on your learning