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Connecting the Puzzle

Welcome to our latest newsletter! The study of the MBA programme presents an unparallel paradox! On the one hand, you 

Grades and Student Favouritism

This newsletter focuses on a topic for which we have been receiving lots of enquiries. Some students are wondering whether 

MBA & BREXIT Where do YOU fit in?

Think carefully before you decide! A frequent complaint we receive from our MBA students is that the MBA course has 

Are you fitting the puzzle?

Our MBA Winner newsletter for this quarter examines one of the more fascinating issues that you are going to consider 

Globalisation and the economic credit crunch. Some new insights.

The recent turbulence in the global economy generated a lot of interesting questions about the role of globalisation, the exercise 

Developing Relationships While You Can

Welcome to our last newsletter for this year! For this quarter we want to focus on the issue of relationships. 

Visioning and performance: An important but yet subtle link

Welcome to our 7th MBA Winner Newsletter. We want to take the opportunity and explore a subtle but yet important