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How to use essay service websites correctly

There is a moment when you look at the assignment brief and then it just hits you! You start getting frustrating about the topic and whether you are able to make it. You are getting even more agitated with thinking that you are not able to do it. As MBA Winner has helped numerous students to face their fears supporting them through their journey this help guide is dedicated to a hot topic which has to do with how you actually use sites that offer tutoring and support in your essay writing challenges. Hence, we want to provide you with simple and effective advice that can really make the difference for you and your academic challenges. Happy reading!


When fear kicks in we are naturally programmed to avoid it and run away from it. Trying to write an assignment that you do not feel confident with can be a very stressful experience. All types of thoughts are running through your mind including your time commitment and the fees that you paid let alone the family members that might be disappointed with your performance. There is a natural tendency to try to ignore that which is scaring us. As there are numerous sites that are promising help and support you might be thinking that you are going to be safe. However, you are ignoring that academic tutors are becoming more curious about the students’ experience and whether such students might be willing to produce an ‘end product’ without engaging with the work. Hence, it is very tempting to think that someone will do the work for you and you can spend your time on other activities. However this is a big mistake that you need to avoid! By withdrawing your attention from the module and with whatever takes place in the module you are making a big mistake. First of all you are loosing touch with the overall flow of how the module is presented and taught to the students. This means that you are not able to understand the specific points that are important to the tutor. Needing help with your assignment is acceptable. However, you cannot just expect someone to have knowledge of all the tacit expectations that have been communicated to you through the actual delivery of the module. Despite the quality of the agency that you might be using you are really undermining how academic tutors are thinking and how they exercise their memory OF the students. Put differently, regardless how small or big a class might be tutors have a natural tendency to identify with the students who are present and those that engage. Students that never turn up (you think that you have the right to be absent form the lectures) can be remembered by the tutors. Of course in a very big class that has 100 students this can be more challenging. However, smaller classes that contain up to 40 students tutors are very good at remembering what is going on. Why is this happening? Tutors undergo significant effort with teaching and delivering information to the students. Engagement is the only physical manifestation of a students’ behaviour that can show some form of receptivity. Hence, to be engaged or not be engaged at all in theory might not make any difference. However, in psychological terms tutors exercise an elephant-type of memory that can seem odd but it is happening. Hence, the lesson here is that even though you might be really struggling with understanding or doing an assignment and you are actively looking for help do not surrender from engaging with the module even though this might meant that you are attending classes but yet you are day dreaming. Being in the class and showing interest is important regardless of how challenging you might find the assignment.



Agencies that specialise on assignment writing use people that are experienced. However, it is not possible for these individuals to know everything that goes on in your classroom. The use of theories might be widely available from books and journal articles. However, the theories that your tutor is using in the module cannot be known by someone else. It is a mistake to simply expect from someone to meet all the requirements for you without you making the effort to communicate important information about your tutor’s expectations and what the tutor believes to be important. It only requires minimal effort to consider the following questions

  • What are the important theories and ideas that the tutor is covering in the module?
  • Is the tutor expecting us to use a specific theory/theories?
  • Is there specific information about the layout and the structure of our assignments that we need to follow?
  • Do we have to collect primary empirical data? Is it an explicit requirement? If so have been given specific information about it?

These are some very initial questions that you can use to guide you in this process. The more information you use the better it is going to be for the agency that will try to help you. Some tutors can become really sceptical about your engagement with the module if they see theories and content that has never been mentioned. Even though the theories used might be good enough, nevertheless, tutors are constantly creating impressions about the students from the assignments. You need to understand that the process of marking is never a totally objective process. Instead, it is a highly subjective process and tutors are trying to gather all types of information in order to make their judgements on the assignment. Clearly there is a lot of bias involved in the grading of an assignment and this is unavoidable. However, the use of bias does not mean that the tutors are not trying to be fair. In producing their interpretations tutors have to weight different types of information and sometime the way you present content can be one of the more important criteria from which tutors can assess how you identify with the module.



The third mistake which is the easiest one to make is to assume that your assignment has been produced or heavily edited by someone else and you do not need to do anything but submit it. Allowing time for corrections does not mean that there is something substantial wrong with the content of the assignment. However, having a final touch before submitting your work can make a big difference. Why? Because of the reasons explained earlier, namely, your tutors remember! If you take the time to share your work with your tutor and get even brief comments it is likely that something from this engagement will be passed onto the next stage. That is, when the tutor actually assesses your work. Does this mean that your assignment grade is going to be improved because your tutor happened to look at your assignment? Not necessarily! However, you need to understand that tutors ENJOY seeing students who are interested in their work and module. Even though you might be aesthetically engaging with the module without being very interesting in it in a deeper way you need to remember that this is fine! What matters is that you take the time to communicate and exchange your ideas with your tutor creating this very exact impression.

If you are panicking with your work talk to us and we will put a plan together in order to help you overcome the difficulties. We do not want to just do the work for you. Instead, we want to work with you and help you understand the competencies that you need to develop. MBA Winner is a professional service provider that specialises on business studies programmes. Talk to us for a free initial consultation where we can discuss your actual needs.

There is no reason to get stressed with your work but be smart enough with how to find help and how to use it for your advantage! Drop us an email today.

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