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MBA Self Learning

MBA Self-learning focuses on the experience of learning as a process that is organized by the individual. Learning has been traditionally defined as the experience of absorbing information about the environment so that some change of behaviour happens.

However, learning has been traditionally understood as an outer-inner process where the individual is simply accommodating new information to the already existing information. However, recent developments in social theory identified that the individual plays an important role with creating connections about the meaning of the information and how this information is organized within the human experience. This view gains more popularity even though it carries different forms of interpretation for how the process actually happens.

Overall the main premise is that the individual is not just a passive recipient of the information received. Instead the individual is actively engaged with interpreting and even modifying how that information is understood. For example, the study of a motivational theory can be seem as obscuring and technical subject. Imagine the tutor presenting you with different relationships that you need to understand and remember and this seems to becoming too much!

However, before we come to the specific motivation theory per se, theorists suggests that the idea of motivation already has significance for the individual. Clearly, the individual has experienced positive as well as negative instances motivation in his/her lifetime. Such experiences are not separated from the academic study of motivation but are implicitly situated in it. This means that the development of a self-learning approach suggests that the individual becomes proactive in generating connections for how a subject taught relates to his/her experience. In other words, the individual does not only rely on textbook information only. Instead, he/she is trying to develop a customised approach to have information is taken in. This can be done by engaging with the topic outside the way it is taught. However, the individual plays an important role with how new connections are created and how the interpretation of the content takes place. Even though the stock of information that students need to learn can be specific, nevertheless, it is the experience of learning itself that counts.

If you are struggling with retaining information take the time to think carefully about what is the state in which you are right now.

  • In which way do you best remember new information?
  • It is about reading it? Is it about listening it?
  • Is it about watching others demonstrate knowledge of it?

Social learning theory suggests that our experience of learning is the outcome of many stimuli and not just one. No matter how much you are trying to reflect on the past experiences it is difficult to revisit them in the same way you experienced them in the first place.

However, there is a stock from that experience that remains part of you. Hence, how the individual engage with his/her own gaps of understanding is about developing a specific approach to self-engagement and for self-expanding one’s knowledge.

In writing an assignment the effort someone makes to create connections can prove particularly valuable. This is because the individual can identify with the different perspective with which the phenomenon can be understood.

As you are strongly encouraged to use theories but also apply them by using specific case examples, it is an opportunity for you to consider about yourself and how you learn best.

Information cannot become learning on its own. It needs to change from being a one-way process to becoming a two-way process. The one way process is the information that comes in your mind from the outside. The two ways process is how you use your experience in order to better amplify that which you learn and what other meanings it can have.

In writing an MBA assignment it is vital that you create the above connections as much as you can. Clearly they have to be organized under a proper structure and logic. However, once you have in your mind the ideas that you want to discuss you have won half the battle. The remaining part is to organize and put them together so that the assignment has a clear logic and flow.

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