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Information tutors collect from you!

Are you ready for war? If you are not then get ready.

Considerable information is coming from university top management layers for how tutors need to look out for students who submit ready-made assignments. Do you think that you also might be caught out? Over the last two years we have dealt with several students whose disappointment has been heart-breaking.

Tutors seem to be ‘retaliating’ against students that seem to be using custom-writing assignments. In fact they are seeking to fight back with often penalizing students as much as possible.

MBA Winner has spent considerable time with assisting and understanding student needs. We are convinced that such our professional service is needed and can make a positive difference to MBA students. However, the problem is that students are often too eager to get the assignment done for a module and hence neglect a wide range of issues that really matter!

Hence, we  dedicate the following pages in outlining important pitfalls that you need to avoid and how to get the best out of similar services. However, before we proceed there is need for you to remember that consciously or unconsciously tutors are collecting information about you. We do not mean information about your religion, age, gender etc.

We mean information about your outlook towards your studies and how you identify with them. You might ask why is this important?

This is a good question and the answer is… that tutors make their job easier when they are able to sense which students are genuinely interested.

It is impossible to avoid collecting some information from someone that you meet in any social context. It is normal to use your bias, and identify with various cues that will offer you insight to the personality and way of thinking.

In a similar way it is impossible for a tutor not to consider all information possible about a student during teaching but also grading assignments.


Information tutors collect from you

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