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The Psychology of the MBA

Have you ever decided to run a marathon?

If you have then you know that it is not an easy decision but you need to think and prepare for it. Engaging in prior training and with doing many miles of running becomes a forerunner to the ‘big event’!

Going through the MBA programme often feels that you are going through a marathon. At times, it feels that is a never ending marathon and you become frustrated within having to find new stamina to keep you going. When the deadline are approaching you feel that you are running up a hill. Once you reach the top you feel relaxed but then you are reminded for the fact that there is another hill coming!

The psychology of a student whilst studying for the MBA remains one of the most neglected and yet serious topics for consideration. Universities do very little in order to prepare students prior to doing an MBA. At the same time, students come with all sorts of backgrounds and expectations. Some of the career-goals are not sufficiently scrutinised. Hence, MBA students feel that they will achieve their ideal job failing to realise that this is not going to happen on basis of the MBA alone. I

f this was not enough, students expect from tutors to provide them with instant gratification against questions they have. However, they are confronted with more questions as tutors want to challenge the students’ understanding and often make painful remarks about their ‘lack of engagement’.


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