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MBA and Consulting

It is common for people to assume that having an MBA will lead onto a great career.

Often, people imagine having an MBA can make it easier to enter into the arena of Management Consulting.

They feel that the MBA is their passport. It is the ‘key’ to successful consulting.

MBA has been an advisory service to MBA students with one single goal, namely, to make a positive impact onto the students’ learning experience.

Our position enabled us to see the relationship between the students’ MBA studies with their further career developments.

Hence, we take the opportunity to share with you key insights about the study of an MBA and some useful insights about the management consulting career.

We choose management consulting because it is the sector that most MBA students are seeking to enter.

Such job carries attraction because of the travelling opportunities but also the competitive salaries onto the members of staff.

Our intention is not to deal directly with the making of career decisions per se.

Our aim is to clarify misconceptions related to the study of the MBA and its direct leadings to the management consulting job roles.

MBA and Consulting

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